Kenya lacks disaster preparedness


Police officers assists passengers to disembark from a boat in Gamba area, Tana River County which is currently experiencing heavy floods.

Photo credit: Kevin Odit | Nation Media Group

Sitting ducks • There’s a glaring lack of preparedness for natural disasters and terror attacks, claims James Mamadi. “In Nairobi, for example, where are bomb shelters and bunkers located? With no sirens and drills, how would we be warned of an attack? Without fire escape drills, we’re just sitting ducks! We have no national codes training on safety procedures during floods.” His contact is [email protected].


Tree littering • The national tree-planting campaign launched on November 13 is promising, remarks Ruth Gituma. “It will be a success if all the saplings survived, marking a milestone in forest cover.” This, she adds, should be sustained. “However, I am disappointed that the black polythene bags that were used to carry the tree seedlings were not disposed of properly.” Her contact is [email protected].


Dear milk • The ongoing El Nino rains have brought misery and death to many families, notes Japheth Amugada. But on a brighter note, adds Japheth, dairy farmers are enjoying their heyday because of a milk production glut. “But the price of the 500ml packet is still at Sh60. Why can’t it come down to, say, Sh45? Over to you, New Kenya Cooperative Creameries Ltd!” His email is [email protected].


Derailed • When he travelled by SGR recently, Kinyua Thuku says he saw a large billboard at Nairobi Railway Station proclaiming that Kenya Railways is ISO 9001-certified. “As an ISO 9001 auditor, one of the key tenets we assess is customer service. As a frequent traveller, I must say Kenya Railways has fallen short on this. Listed phone number lines don’t function.” His contact is [email protected].


Party time • The festive month, F. Mukembu remarks, “is here again and it’s welcome!” This, he adds, is the time Kenyans enjoy four holidays, starting with Jamhuri Day and ending with the New Year celebrations. “It’s good to feast, but let’s avoid overindulgence since in January we will have many bills to settle. It’s prudent to draw up a realistic budget.” His contact is [email protected].               

Have a modest day, won’t you!