There is no dignity in being debt-ridden

public debt

Kenya’s debt to China hits Sh797bn in May 2022.

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UhuRuto • The seemingly relentless exchange of words between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto “is portraying a really bad image” of the two topmost national leaders, says Jerry Kenyansa. He poses: “Can the two restrain their tongues for the sake of peace in the country, which is heading for the August 9 General election?” His contact is [email protected].


Roads • While President Kenyatta may boast about building wonderful roads during his 10-year tenure, Diana D’Souza is unhappy with the performance of Nairobi City County. “No one is bothered about what is happening to our roads. Kiosks spring up on every street corner, clogging every drain with garbage! Lavington and Karen suburbs are badly affected.” Her contact is [email protected].


Polls • A new revenue stream for kiosk owners at trading centres in western Kenya “is sadly about to disappear until the next General Election in 2027”, says Jim Webo. “Some of these traders are hired to display the election banners with candidates’ portraits during the day and safely store away these expensive materials at night. Who can beat these Kenyans’ ingenuity and business acumen?”


Debt • There is no dignity in being debt-ridden, remarks Chris Kiriba. “It enslaves and takes away national pride. The third US President, Thomas Jefferson, said, ‘debt threatens a country's preservation of independence, and the ruled should not allow the rulers to load them with perpetual debt’.” Elections, he adds, should be between economy and liberty. His contact is [email protected].


Books • The life secrets, F. Mukembu declares, are hidden in books. “This is what the learners ought to know. However, it is unfortunate that many students don't like reading books. Somebody said that the safest place to hide something from an African is in a book. A majority of us only read for exams. Let's just read for knowledge and success will come along.” His contact is [email protected] Have a truthful day, won’t you!


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