State must identify where the buck stops in fight against graft

Integrity Centre

Integrity Centre in Nairobi on April 6, 2021. It hosts Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission offices. 

Photo credit: Dennis Onsongo | Nation Media Group

Corruption • The ongoing war on corruption will be a big success when where the buck stops in the campaign against the vice will finally be established, says Murithi King’au. “Of the three arms of the government – Executive, Judiciary and Legislature - it must be agreed between them on where that place really ought to be. As of now, the pendulum just keeps on swinging.” His contact is [email protected].


Traffic • As early as 4am daily, Robert Musamali reports, four traffic police officers, three men and one woman, arrive, set up base near Mwimuto Total Petrol Station on Nairobi’s northwestern outskirts and start collecting Sh50 from every matatu. “And it seems they are well-off, as they park their cars before starting to receive bribes. Over to you, police boss Japhet Koome!” His contact is [email protected].


Water • Water, F. Mukembu notes, “is a basic resource without which many economic sectors would collapse”. This, he explains, is why it ought to be used sparingly and with a lot of caution. “Among the factors considered when putting up an industry is water, which serves as the main raw material or cools engines. We need to recycle it so as to minimise wastage.” His contact is [email protected].


TV shows • There is nothing as annoying as a guest who arrives at his host's house looking drunk, says Chris Kiriba. Though himself a regular but disciplined imbiber, Chris gets really mad to see some guests on evening TV talk shows totally drunk. “Politicians and lawyers have this obnoxious habit. If you must appear on TV, don't drink and if you have to drink don't appear.” His contact is [email protected].


Climate • As Africa meets in Nairobi to discuss climate change, George Forest says almost everybody knows what needs to be done. “It’s generally agreed that increasing forest cover will stem the climatic upheaval. Let's all have green fences around our homes as a cheap way of increasing green cover. Let's also cover properties owned by the national and county governments.” His contact is [email protected].

Have a protective day, won’t you!