Rising cases of burglaries in Lower Kabete worrying


There have been rising cases of burglaries in Lower Kabete, Kiambu County.

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What you need to know:

  • Rule requiring matatus to let passengers alight only at designated stages is a pain for Nairobians.
  • Gender-based violence is getting out of hand with cases increasing by the day.

Thugs’ paradise • With the increasing burglaries in Lower Kabete, Kiambu County, Caroline Kariuki says she often worries about her own security. “Recently, thieves came to an apartment block at Kamutiini, near Bustani Bar, at night but the security guard raised the alarm. This sleepy farming area is being terrorised by thugs with knives who snatch mobile phones.” Her contact is [email protected]


Bus prison • The rule requiring matatus to let passengers alight only at the designated stages is causing pain to Nairobi residents, moans Moses Kariri. “With the perennial traffic jams, commuters sit in vehicles for long in the scorching heat, wasting time. The city county traffic marshals just wait to impound matatus flouting the rule. Traffic hitches should be sorted out first.” His contact is [email protected].


Peace at home • Gender-based violence is “getting out of hand, with cases increasing day in, day out”, laments F. Mukembu. “The government and private organisations should quickly arrest the situation before the number of victims gets out of control. Couples should embrace dialogue in dealing with differences and avoid getting physical. This violence must be stopped.” His contact [email protected]


Silent danger • The coming of electric motorcycles is a source of concern to Githuku Mungai over the safety of, especially, the pedestrians. Says he: “The boda boda riders will have to be sensitised to use the horn more to inform pedestrians as they approach. If they are silent, as they carry passengers and goods, they are likely to knock down more pedestrians.” His contact is [email protected]


Grim Reaper • Death is stalking Kenyans on the roads, remarks a worried Beatrice Mbeteh. “Not more than two days after famous Kenyan TikToker Brian Chira died last week, there have been several other fatal road incidents, including the Kenyatta University bus crash. Shouldn’t the country now hold prayers for those who have been killed and the ones injured in the crashes?” Her contact is [email protected]

Have a prayerful day, won’t you!