Prosecute all looters of public funds


Many of the looters of public funds have been literally getting away with murder as they are hardly ever prosecuted.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Corruption • Many of the looters of public funds have been literally getting away with murder as they are hardly ever prosecuted, says Callystus Shungu. The thieves, he adds, include key government officials, who get away scot-free. “There have been various mega scandals, including Goldenberg ripoff, Eurobond, Covid-19 pandemic procurement and many more.” His contact is [email protected].


Taxes • It has been nearly a year since President William Ruto took office, promising to ease the people’s lives, says Mercy Kariuki. “However, despite his firm pledge, he has failed to lower the price of the staple, maize flour, from Sh200 to Sh100, but has been delivered a ton of taxes –15 per cent tax on mobile money transfer, 1.5 per cent housing and16 per cent on fuel.” Her contact is [email protected].


New road • The construction of the Ihithe-Ndunyu Road through the Aberdares was endorsed by Nema, KWS and the Kenya National Highways Authority after an environmental impact assessment, says Jackson Nyange, dismissing Edwin Gatai’s opposition. “Public participation was done on May 30, with the Senate Committee on Lands and Environment represented.” His contact is [email protected].


Scandal • The airlifts of students from Uasin Gishu County to Finland and Canada are turning out to be a sickening crime through which poor parents were lured to sell their properties to sponsor their children for a phantom scheme, says Taabu Tele. “The former county leaders should come out and explain this scandal, which calls for a prompt investigation.” His contact is [email protected].


Wastage • Having at least two traffic police officers standing at one spot for many hours flagging down matatus and other vehicles on the Bumala-Port Victoria highway in Busia County is a total waste of a trained security resource that should be used to fight crime, says Jim Okwako. “All they do is nod at the drivers, as touts drop crumpled Sh50 notes for them to pick up. What an easy way to make money!”

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