President Ruto must not take Azimio demos lightly

Kibera residents

Kibera residents demonstrate on Ngong Road, Nairobi, on July 7, 2023.

Photo credit: Wilfred Nyangaresi | Nation Media Group

Public anger • President William Ruto should not take the opposition demonstrations against the increasingly high cost of living lightly, says Lincoln E. Oyigo. “What we saw on Saba Saba Day, July 7, and the defiant reaction of many people, is a clear sign of the public mood. There were countrywide anti-government protests and this doesn’t augur well for the nation.” His contact is [email protected].


Road safety • The multiple crash at the Londiani junction on the Nakuru-Kericho highway that claimed more than 50 lives and caused scores of injuries is a grave reminder of the need to enhance the roadside traders’ safety, says Mike Kulei. “The hawkers immediately got back to work as if nothing had happened. We need to build markets off the roads.” His contact is [email protected].


Lost warriors • Civil society, for a long time at the forefront in the fight against dictatorship during President Daniel arap Moi’s reign, has largely lost its way, charges Chris Kiriba. “It has brought dishonour and shame to itself and is now being branded an “evil society”. Instead of fighting for justice, it’s merely opposed to the government. It needs to redeem itself.” His contact is [email protected].


Digital delay • Safaricom’s short code 334 service, for sending money to other mobile phone networks, has lately been a letdown, moans Carey Yiembe. “Money sent to an Airtel number wasn’t quickly delivered. Safaricom confirmed the transaction within an hour, yet it took them over 60 hours to effect the reversal! Surely, in this Digital Age, the telco can do better.” His contact is [email protected].


Road hogs • Motorists ignoring signposts on the Kenol-Thika-Nairobi dual carriageway are to blame for the high incidence of accidents, says Titus Muchiri. “They disobey ‘Keep-Left’ signs, with slow-moving vehicles keeping right. The Kenya National Highways Authority, National Transport and Safety Authority and the police must enforce traffic rules and regulations.” His contact is [email protected].

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