Having police, NTSA officers on roads won’t stop accidents


Night travel, bad weather, driver fatigue and poor road design are some of the key factors fuelling road crashes.

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Charade • The fake vetting by the MPs of the nominees to the various top public positions is the best proof of the capture of the Legislature by the Executive, says Taabu Tele. “It’s a charade with no real attempt at evaluating the suitability and competence of the candidates. The MPs are just pocketing undeserved allowances that could have been used to pay the striking doctors.” His contact is [email protected].


Service • Leaders should be “selfless and consider their positions as a chance to serve the people”, says Raphael Obonyo. “Leadership is, indeed, an opportunity and a privilege. The current economic challenges require that those in positions of authority make sacrifices and not think about themselves alone.” Should anybody wish to engage him further, his email address is [email protected].


Bad road • The restoration of the security lights mast at Mama Ngina Vocational Training Centre, at Ndumberi in Kiambu County, which Peter John has complained about several times, is a big joy for him and other local residents. “This has brought back the lost glory after about a year. But now, also crying out for attention is the main road, which has huge potholes.” His contact is [email protected].


Risk • Night travel, bad weather, driver fatigue, poor road design and unfamiliarity with locations are some of the key factors fuelling road crashes, claims Ian Mgenyi. “Having traffic police and NTSA officers on the roads only during the day will not curb the carnage. Parents and other family members should discourage their children and others from travelling at night.” His contact is [email protected].


Refreshers • Drivers should be sent back to school to perfect their skills as a means to help curb the increasing cases of death and injury from road crashes, suggests Charity Otieno. She says reckless driving, ignorance and failure to obey traffic rules and regulations are the major causes of the mounting road carnage. “It’s high time action was taken throughout the country.” Her contact is [email protected].

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