Erect reflectors and warning signs at Uhuru Highway roundabouts

rectangular sign

KeNHA should go to the rescue of suffering motorists on Uhuru Highway and Mombasa Road in Nairobi by erecting reflectors and warning signs to avert accidents.

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Road sign • The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) should go to the rescue of suffering motorists on Mombasa Road in Nairobi, urges Patrick Korir.

“Almost every night, due to poor visibility, drivers end up at the Uhuru Highway/Nyayo National Stadium roundabout that is partly under construction. How about erecting reflectors and warning signs to avert accidents?”

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Manure • Farmers should be encouraged to make more use of organic manure in their gardens and homesteads instead of buying expensive fertilisers and ending up with fakes, says Mary Oseko.

“This will enable them to save their money and also help to reduce soil pollution and protect the environment. Let’s help these farmers to produce more food.”

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Currency • Tackling inflation is a challenge not just for Kenya, but also other countries, including Zimbabwe, which calls for home-grown solutions, says Maranga Young.

“Zimbabwe has introduced a new ‘structured currency’ backed by gold, as it seeks to stabilise its ailing economy. Zim Gold (ZiG) will be backed by foreign currencies, gold and other precious minerals.”

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Power use • The waste-to-power project in Addis Ababa that produces 150 megawatts of electricity daily is worth copying, says Brian Maitai.

Located at the Koshe dumpsite located on a piece of land the size of 36 football fields, it recycles 1,400 tonnes of waste.

“In New Delhi, streetlights use LED technology, cutting power usage by 60 per cent. Why can’t do it?” His contact is [email protected].


Home fans • The idea of soccer teams having a home advantage in their matches has been turned on its head, remarks Jim Webo, reacting to the exciting draws in Tuesday night’s Uefa Champions League ties.

“Manchester City held Real Madrid to a 3-3 draw away and Bayern Munich fought out a 2-2 draw at the Emirates Stadium in North London. Doesn’t the noise of cheering fans matter anymore?”

Have a competitive day, won’t you!