End traffic jam on Nairobi Expressway exits

Nairobi expressway

Vehicles driving along the Nairobi Expressway on May 14, 2022.

Photo credit: Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

Bursary • The Nation editorial calling for all the national and county government and Constituency Development Fund (CDF) bursaries to be put in one basket is good, says Alpha Kennedy Sanya. It should be run by an agency to be named the Bursary Development Trust or Bursary Commission Fund to cater for needy students in secondary schools and universities. His contact is [email protected].


Expressway jam • The recent huge traffic jam on the Nairobi Expressway was caused by a hitch at the exits, notes Alex Ndalila. Moja, the firm to manage it, should ensure motorists have On-Board Units (OBUs) installed on vehicles at more points besides City Cabanas and Lavington. “The efficiency of entry and exit using the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is welcome.” His contact is [email protected].


Family law • Convinced that the law is an ass, Churchill Amatha says common sense should prevail in solving family disputes. “A husband doesn’t just drop from heaven and upon death return there. He comes from a community, with parents (dead or alive), close and distant kin. The sole right of a widow to bury him and dispose of properties should be reviewed.” His contact is [email protected].


‘Queueland’ • The long queues witnessed at the Equity Bank’s Mbale branch, Vihiga County, in the past couple of weeks are worrying many about the plight the senior citizens, says Stephen Masambu. “Instead of subjecting them to the harrowing experience, why can’t the bank license more agents to deal with this special lot or, better still, provide more ATMs?” His contact is [email protected].


Trickery • It is “amazing how supermarkets make customers promote their brands using branded carrier bags and at an exorbitant price”, remarks W. Kimariech. ”I lack a name for this kind of business but it surely stinks. Promotional items are business tax-deductible expenses that should be given out free to customers. Somebody must stop this dirty business!” His contact is [email protected].               

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