Education needs a no-nonsense minister


Grade Six pupils sit for the Kenya Primary School Education examination at Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School in Nyeri County on November 28, 2022.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Priorities • The country’s problems will persist unless leaders make the right choices, says Raphael Obonyo, adding: “Although the economy has been in crisis in the past few years, the people are still optimistic about the future.” The government, he adds, should tackle the high cost of living as a priority. “Leaders must work hard by getting the big things done.” His contact is [email protected].


Action • The education sector needs a no-nonsense person like former Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i in charge, says Sammy Githinji. “The sanity Dr Matiang’i restored in his tenure is the only way to build a strong academic system. Our examination system has failed the integrity test with cheating the order of the day. Evidence of cheating is clear during marking.” His contact is [email protected].


Parking • Residents of Kahawa West, Nairobi, “need to be reminded that parking on the road at their local market and adjacent shops is not only a traffic offence (obstruction) but also poses danger to other road users”, says Mwangi wa Karuga. “Cars should be parked at the designated places, or just drive home and walk back to do all the shopping you want.” His contact is [email protected].


Bad police • Some habits die hard, remarks Jim Webo, on the traffic policemen and women who dot the Busia-Kisumu highway every day. “These days, there are hardly any police roadblocks as they obey a directive from their bosses in Nairobi. But they still flag down, especially matatus, buses and lorries, and wave them on after receiving a crumpled currency note. Who will stop this lucrative business?”


Royal rebel • Britain’s Prince Harry “should not have exposed his family to public ridicule, no matter how wronged he feels”, says X. N. Iraki, in response to the release of the estranged royal’s new bare-all book, Spare. Adds the don: “When all is said and done, the public will disperse and he will be left with his family. His book may be a good read but it’s misplaced heroism.” His contact is [email protected].

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