Closing down bars is not the solution to alcoholism

Drunk man

Alcohol and drug abuse have reached epidemic proportions in Kenya, especially in the central region.

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Hypocrisy • As former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, who died recently, continues to be showered with accolades, Mwangi Karuga is a little disappointed. He poses: “Why didn’t these people glorify him while he was alive? Isn’t this hypocrisy? Why wait for people to die to praise them? Give me flowers or praise me now and not while in my coffin.” His contact is [email protected].


Road closed • Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s generous offer to provide food at former Education CS Magoha’s funeral in his Yala home, in Gem, Siaya County, has not gone well with local elders, who see it as an insult, says Damson Opiyo Onger. “They claim that this is a mockery of the people. After all, they have buried hundreds of people without government support”. His contact is [email protected].


E students • What really worries Joanne Nyawira is the future plight of the hordes of candidates who scored grades E to D-plus in the KCSE exam. Says she: “Where do they begin? Kindly educate them or just gazette courses they can pursue in the TVET colleges. This is not the end of the world. They can start with certificate courses and go on to study for diplomas.” Her contact is [email protected].


Water woes • There’s an acute water shortage in Dagahley Refugee Camp, Garissa County, Hussein Ahmed Ali moans. “Long queues of empty jerricans and thirsty and rowdy crowds can be seen. Who’s sleeping on the job, partner agencies or the camp leadership? Cartels are commercialising water supply at the expense of the refugees, who deserve better.” His contact [email protected].


Drinking problem • Closing down bars is not the solution to alcoholism, says Usha Shah, a teetotaller. “Even if bars are closed, the people who drink will still find other ways, including resorting to illicit liquor! Setting time limits for the opening and closing bars is a good move. The other way to control alcoholism is to provide gyms, sports clubs and social work.” Her contact is [email protected]

Have a sober day, won’t you!