Let experts explain the effects of muguka on health


Muguka traders display their wares in Nakuru City

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Dirty politics • Some unsolicited but useful advice for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua from Chris Kiriba: “If it’s true that the DP has a preferred candidate, his homeboy, for the Nairobi UDA chairmanship, then he’s opening himself to ridicule by his juniors. It’s below his stature as the deputy CEO of the country to dabble in local politics.” His contact is [email protected].


Punctuality • Deputy President Gachagua ought to officially explain why he was late for his boss President William Ruto’s function in Nakuru, says Damson Opiyo Onger. “Remember, last August, President Ruto ordered some cabinet secretaries and other senior government officials to explain in writing why they were late. They were warned not to cite traffic jam. What do you think?” His contact is [email protected].


Name stench • The inclusion of the word “sewerage” in the names of county governments’ water companies “is an unnecessary detail”, says Mwangi Wanjohi, who, no doubt, doesn’t like the stench it conjures up. “They are simply water companies—whether clean, dirty, river, borehole, rain, lake or ocean water. Just call it Nairobi Water Company, for instance.” His contact is [email protected].


Query to chew on • On the raging miraa and muguka controversy, W. Kimariech has a nagging question. He poses: “Is it true that these two stimulants are seldom used in the producing counties but happily exported for economic gain to other regions for their youth to chew like cud, turning into zombies?” Economic gain, he pleads, should never be prioritised over young people’s lives. His contact is [email protected].


Second opinion • On the ban on the stimulant muguka in the coastal counties of Mombasa and Kilifi, Mwangi Karuga says, a critical voice is conspicuously missing. “I would only listen to the medical doctors on its suitability; otherwise, I wouldn’t go by the views of some laymen like myself. Let’s hear from these experts about what muguka does to one’s health.” His contact is [email protected].

Have a knowledgeable day, won’t you!