Technology is everything


Technology can hugely help to enhance the economy and bridge the gap with developed nations.

Photo credit: Photo I Pool

Kenya, like many other developing countries, has been facing the challenge of improving its economy and bridging the gap with developed nations. One of the significant factors that can aid in achieving this goal is the adoption of technology.

Kenya has made considerable progress in the technology sector, emerging as a hub for technology start-ups with various mobile apps and e-commerce platforms developed. Internet connectivity has increased as the government invests in the implementation of technology in various sectors.

Technology can enhance the economy by improving productivity. With automation, businesses can streamline operations, reduce menial labour and boost efficiency. That leads to reduced costs, increased output and, ultimately, higher profits. It can enable businesses to access new markets, expand their customer base and better serve their clients.

It can also aid in the creation of industries and job opportunities. The tech industry in Kenya has created a significant number of jobs and this trend is expected to continue as investors increase. With the implementation of technology in various sectors, opportunities for innovation and growth can be created, leading to new industries and job creation.

Another significant benefit is the improvement of education and healthcare. Access to these services can be increased, even in remote areas.

For example, the use of e-learning platforms and telemedicine can enable students and patients to access services from anywhere anytime. That can lead to improvement in the overall health and education levels of the population, with a positive impact on the economy.

But adoption of technology in Kenya faces challenges. One is the lack of infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. The cost of internet connectivity is also a barrier, particularly for small-scale businesses. Lack of the requisite skills and knowledge to operate technology can be a hindrance to its adoption.

Technology can hugely help to enhance the economy and bridge the gap with developed nations.

Mr Maraba is a MSc Management and Leadership student at the University of Pecs, Hungary. [email protected].