Save teenagers from pregnancy this festive season

Teen pregnancy

It is important that adults shun lackadaisical parenting styles and seek to guide their children for posterity.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The teenage pregnancy problem has persisted since time immemorial. Despite milestones achieved in girl child empowerment this thorny issue that continues to bog down school going girls, thrives especially in communities that cling to retrogressive traditions.

The tricky season of merrymaking is upon us yet again. Sumptuous meals, delicious decorations, family get-togethers, adventurous vacations are some of the events that typify this season.

It is that time when people are upbeat as they seek to overindulge and engage in oddities. Teenagers may be overwhelmed by the imp of the perverse to engage in sexual immorality, the need for vigilance remains.

Parents, the clergy, local authorities and other caregivers must stand in the gap by showing concerted efforts to tame this vice.

First, they must empower girls through mentorship and giving them support by availing personal effects such as sanitary pads so that they do not seek help from people with ulterior motives. It is critical to also have candid talks with teenagers on dangers of premarital sex.

Withholding information from teenagers will only make them seek it from wrong sources such as social media since we live in an era where everything is laid bare on the internet.

The authorities must also be alert to thwart sex predators who target teenagers to satisfy their weird carnal desires.

Encourage teenagers to stay away from drugs and alcohol since that increases the likelihood of making irrational decisions.

During festivities, adults must shun taking alcohol in the presence of children. Provide career counselling to girls to encourage them to study and support their families rather than getting married early.

Mentor boys to fight teenage pregnancy. The upbringing of boys and girls is inextricably dependent. Relevant authorities must also end FGM as it endears girls to early marriage and immoral sexual behaviour.

When girls are brought up well the community blossoms, it is important that adults shun lackadaisical parenting styles and seek to guide their children for posterity. It is their sacred responsibility.

- Mr Mwirichia is a high school teacher. [email protected].