Put best manners forward


Two Santas and two elves pose for photos as part of Christmas decorations and festivities.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The Christmas and New Year festivities, for those who subscribe traditionally, will be marked with occasions of diverse nature, formal and social. All manner of exuberance will be exhibited as rural and urban folks alike unleash their moves and prowess in the annual fete.

In the course of these celebrations, mannerisms will be exhibited. Owing to the breadth of people that might be on any given occasion, a reflection of one’s conduct and behaviour considerate and appropriate to one another is crucial ahead of time. The basics of respect for one another, humility and concern for the less privileged are of essence here.

Over time, there have been tales of conflict between the urbanites and rustic folks, especially on the former’s visit to the villages and hamlets, where some self-determining ‘civilised’ townspeople portray behaviour that is imposing, lethargic and disregard the ways of their hosts, including their own kin.

These are, most often, not said openly to the offending persons but discussed in hush tones and leave unending and regrettable taste in the hosts’ mouth.

Another perturbing behaviour is where urbanites, mostly, are quite preoccupied with taking photos and videos on their phones during occasions.

So bad it is that they crowd in front of the high table, block walkways, disrupt speakers and, worst of all, do not participate or even get any of the proceedings of the event. The invited guests end up being a nuisance. The assigned photographers, service providers and speakers get it rough in such turn of events.

Let us recall the inter-relational social relations expectations as we go about the festivities. Any aggravating behaviour, real or perceived, amongst those communing would negate the reason for such festive gatherings and create bad blood rather than enhance the harmony such support mechanisms offer.

Let’s all endeavour to make the festivities a sharing and accommodating season, notwithstanding the people’s persuasions and worldviews.

- Mr Mberia is a communication practitioner. [email protected].