Justifying femicide a step further in the wrong direction

What you need to know:

  • Think about what Kenyan men generally say about Kenyan women. We have ministers and holders of public office talking blithely about raping willing women. Countless cases of harassment where these officers are concerned are consistently dropped.
  • Take, for instance, the recent killing of Ivy, a Moi University student, by her long time stalker. Not only did headlines sanitise this murderer's actions by calling it a love gone wrong.
  • At this point, men are operating on a level worse than animals.
  • There is some good that has come from this. There has been a generation of discussion, which is good, both online and offline.

The culture of the MeToo Movement has had definite pros and cons, particularly in Kenya, where we seem to thrive in a society that hates women.


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