By Geoffrey Ondieki 

Samburu West legislator Naisula Lesuuda has threatened to lead a 'mother of all demonstrations' over the deteriorating security situation in the county despite an ongoing security operation. The MP reckons that bandits are making a mockery of the government's security efforts spearheaded by Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki in the region.

Speaking in Samburu Tuesday, the legislator wondered how armed bandits continue to terrorise locals in Samburu West despite the presence of police and the military in the region. She noted that the daring daylight attacks have now become routine.

"We will stage a mother of all protests and I will lead them. It cannot possibly be that there are military troops in this region and people are being killed by marauding bandits. How is that possible?" the MP wondered.

She said women and children are most affected by banditry and are spending cold nights outside after fleeing bandit hotspots.

On Tuesday, local administrators said that many people are still moving out of their homes due to fear. 

"It is disheartening to see my constituents living in pathetic conditions due to banditry. They have been turned into squatters in their own land," Ms Lesuuda said.

"Our people heeded the government order to vacate bandit-invested zones. But the criminals are still roaming freely," the legislator added.