Treasury opens luxury gym, spa for employees

NAtional Treasury

The government has issued a Sh50 billion 17-year infrastructure bond to fund development projects in the current financial year that ends in June.

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The National Treasury has set up a gym for its staff, targeting to help them keep fit and improve bonding and team building.

The charge-free welfare facility is located within Bima House, Nairobi, and is equipped with modern training equipment and can accommodate 250-300 users daily at different intervals.

“It is a welfare facility and will therefore be free of charge. The Health Club is fully equipped with modern equipment for training and is intended to operate daily between Monday and Friday from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm and from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm over the weekends and public holidays or as will be agreed” the Treasury said even as it invited bids for operators of the facilities.

Demand for fitness gyms has risen sharply globally as users sought to keep away diseases and counter the side effects of their hectic urban lifestyles.

Health analysts say gym sessions help to increase cardiovascular fitness and boost an individual’s overall health. Regular workouts also help in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and other diseases affecting health.

“To make the health facility operational, the National Treasury is looking for a service provider who will offer professional and expert training in the hitherto stated areas and further maintain the machines and equipment,” the Treasury said.

The Treasury said the gym operator will be required to offer services including training on physical fitness, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, self-defense, physiotherapy, massage, and aelaxotheloply as well as nutritional training.

The gym will also have a steam bath and sauna, first-aid awareness lessons, field, and outside training, team building and bonding, and boot camps.

“The proposed service provider will be a competent professional firm club or a consortium of professional experts in physical training, registered locally with the Ministry of Sports and Youth or any other recognised national regional or international sports body, who will provide the aforestated training” the Treasury added.