Three die in raid on terror cell

GSU officers on guard in Kombani village during the burial of slain assistant chief Salim Changu Shombe on October 16, 2012. The assistant chief was hacked to death by suspected members of the MRC following the arrest of the group's self styled president Omar Mwamnuadzi. Photo / Gideon Maundu

Two suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists were killed on Wednesday in a raid by General Service Unit’s Recce squad and Anti-Terrorism Police in Likoni, Mombasa.

A police officer died while eight others were seriously injured during the 2am raid in Majengo Mapya area following a grenade attack.

Majengo Mapya resident Bakari Juma told the Nation the police surrounded the compound to ensure the suspects did not escape.

Coast police officer Aggrey Adoli said a suspect had been arrested in Changamwe and after being questioned, he offered to take the police to a house where he said grenades were stored.

“The officers knocked on the door and someone responded from inside but he did not open the door. The suspect then hurled a grenade at the officers injuring two of them,” Mr Adoli said.

Grenade exploded

The suspect tried to flee through the back door but was shot and a second grenade he was holding exploded, killing him and the man who led the officers to the house, he said.

“Eight officers were admitted to the Aga Khan and Mombasa hospitals with serious injuries,” Mr Adoli said.

Journalists were not allowed to the house as the suspects’ bodies were taken to the Coast General Hospital mortuary under tight security.

Later, police conducted a door-to-door search and found two grenades and a pistol with 15 rounds of ammunition.

“We did not find any documents from the two suspects and we took their fingerprints to help us establish their identities. They could be Kenyans or foreigners,” he added.

Mr Adoli said they could have been Al-Shabaab members since intelligence reports had indicated that some Kenyans enlisted in the group may have sneaked back into the country after the fall of Kismayu to Kenya Defence and Somalia Forces.

Police suspect the two belonged to a terror cell plotting attacks on Mombasa and urged members of public to report any suspicion people.

“It is unfortunate that the suspects died with valuable information, but we shall continue with the crackdown to eliminate terrorists and other criminals,” Mr Adoli added.

Kenya Ferry Services deployed an additional ferry which was used by the police.