Simple things you can do to make your life better in 2022

New Year

 Youths hold placards with numbers to form the year 2022 to urge youngsters between the ages of 15 to 18 to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 coronavirus on the eve of the New Year 2022 in Ahmedabad on December 31, 2021. 

Photo credit: Sam Panthaky | AFP

As we usher in a new year, the thought of plunging into 2022 without a plan is simply precarious. There are tell-tale signs that this year is less likely to be any better than last year.

First, it will be yet another year of battling the prevalent pandemic. Second, it is the year of a general election, and last but certainly not least, pupils and students have to continue adjusting to the compressed academic calendar, with this year being the first in the country where two national examinations — KCPE and KCSE — are done in just one year.

Despite the foreseen challenges, people should not lose hope, but should continue setting goals aimed at improving themselves.

As we all aim to make 2022 "our year", here are four basic things we need to do to achieve success:

Have an optimistic outlook for 2022. Everything starts in the mind. A new year should be viewed as another chance to correct and improve oneself rather than extended time to face old and new problems.

Optimism is when you choose to appreciate and concentrate on the positive aspects of life. Having an optimistic attitude makes you view mistakes as a chance to learn and correct yourself.

Mind what you listen to. A basic principle states that we are what we listen to. Listening to negative content leads to pessimism and discouragement. Nevertheless, listening to encouraging words and motivational speeches has proven to motivate and encourage. We should all make it a goal to listen to what builds us in 2022.

Seek healthy conversations. A healthy conversation is one that feeds optimism and encourages open-mindedness in an individual. Substantial conversations are of great value as they tend to be a prolific source of information. Unhealthy conversations, on the other hand, feed pessimism and are a waste of time and energy..

As we all aim to be better versions of ourselves, the surest way to achieve this is by contributing proactively and creatively towards this common goal.

It is time we made achieving goals fun instead of getting drained trying to achieve it all individually. For instance, instead of reading plenty of books about a certain topic, you could stream some YouTube videos or movies relating to the topic. Contributing creatively provides higher chances of succeeding as it reduces boredom. As we usher in 2022, we should switch from chasing our dreams in monotony to contributing creatively to achieving our goals.

 Raxy Ngure,14, is a Form One student at Alliance High School. Are you aged 10-20 and would like to be Nation’s young reporter? Email your 400-600-word article to [email protected]