Shakahola cult: CA suspends Ezekiel Odero and Paul Mackenzie's TV stations

paul mackenzie, ezekiel odero

Cult leader Paul Mackenzie (left) during an interview with Nation.Africa in Kilifi County on March 24, 2023, and preacher Ezekiel Odero, speaking to Nation journalists on December 6, 2022.

Photo credit: File

The Communications Authority on Friday suspended broadcasting by World Evangelism TV and Times TV, which are associated with televangelists Ezekiel Odero and Paul Mackenzie, respectively.

Director-General Ezra Chiloba said the two were found to have aired inappropriate content on exorcism during the watershed period. It added that World Evangelism committed 12 other violations while Times TV flouted 17 broadcasting license conditions.

"The authority has further directed the broadcast signal distributor, Pan African Network Group (PANG) Limited, to cease carrying the two stations on its platform until further notice," Mr Chiloba added in his statement.

Wrold Evangelism TV is under New Life Communications Ltd while Times TV is under Good News Media Kenya Ltd.

The two televangelists are under investigation for the Shakaloha tragedy in Kilifi County, that has seen more than a hundred people die from starvation, under cult leader Mackenzie's instructions. 

Earlier on Friday, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki said all the police commanders in Kilifi County had been redeployed to allow a thorough probe into the cult activities.

CS Kindiki announced the redeployment of the commanders on Friday, as he toured the area for the second time this week.

CS Kindiki said the commanders were from all levels – division, sub-county and county – and all services – the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the National Police Service (NPS) and the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

Mr Odero is being investigated for murder, aiding suicide, abduction, radicalisation, genocide, crimes against humanity, child cruelty, fraud, money laundering and being an accessory to crimes, the court heard.

Shanzu Chief Magistrate Joe Omido ordered Mr Odero detained at Port police station until May 2 when the court will deliver a ruling on a police application to detain him for 30 days.