Land sale fraudulent, says Moi

Former president Daniel Moi. Photo/STEPHEN MUDIARI

Former president Daniel arap Moi has denied ever meeting a businessman over the sale of land.

In a replying affidavit filed in the High Court by chief inspector Daniel Kirorei, the retired president insists the purported sale and transfer of the disputed land was fraudulent.

The affidavit has been filed in respect of a matter in which businessman Sajjad Mohamed Ali is seeking orders to stop the police from arresting and prosecuting him over the property that was allegedly sold to him by the former president.

Mr Kirorei says from his investigations Mr Ali and Mr Mohamed Swaleh Said Bawazir purported to have purchased the land from Mr Moi.

He further says he does not know how the payment was made and what mode was used.

Mr Kirorei said on recording statements from witnesses, including Mr Ali and Mr Bawazir, and carrying out a search at the Lands registry in Mombasa, he confirmed that the piece of land was purportedly transferred to M.S. Bawazir and Company (1993) Limited on June 28, 1996, and thereafter to M.S. Dina Management Limited.

The officer said Mr Bawazir denied dealing directly with Mr Moi and was unaware as how the property was paid for, if at all.