Trouble in Wajackoyah's paradise? Justina Wamae cries foul over 'Raila endorsement'

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah and his running mate Justina Wamae.

Photo credit: File I Nation Media Group

With just two days of the campaign period remaining, Roots Party Presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoya and his running Justina Wamae could be headed for separate ways if allegations that the former is supporting Raila Odinga’s presidential bid turns out to be true.

Professor Wajackoya was captured in a video heaping praises on the Azimio Presidential candidate while addressing his supporters in a night club in Kisumu on Tuesday night.

The lake side city is considered the bedrock of the ODM leader support base. 

However, the issue seems to have irked Ms Wamae who has promised to throw her weight behind Deputy President William Ruto if indeed Wajackoya backs the former Prime Minister.

“It is true there are allegations that my principal and party leader is supporting Azimio la Umoja candidate but we have not discussed that as a party, we have not agreed neither have I been consulted,” said Ms Wamae while addressing journalists.  

“If push comes to shove and we need to take a stand on who to support, out of the other three presidential candidates who are our worthy competitors, then I will support the contrary,” she added.

She insisted that the Roots Party top brass have not agreed on the issue and discussed the direction of supporting other candidates as they are still focused on winning the presidency.

“Our supporters were asking which way and that is why I had to speak on this,” she said. 

In the two instances Prof Wajackoya has been on the campaign trail in Kisumu, he has been viewed as having a soft spot for Odinga’s candidacy. The duo even missed the Presidential Debate held at the Catholic University last month in what was viewed by many of Odinga’s followers as Mr Wajackoya support for their candidate.

While on a campaign trail in Nyanza on June 27, Wajackoya revealed that he had worked with Mr Odinga's father, former Vice President the late Oginga Odinga and that he wouldn’t mind working with his son who is seeking the presidency for the fifth time.