Raila Odinga announces return of mass action

Raila announces mass action, gives Ruto 14 days to meet demands

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has announced that he will lead mass action in 14 days if their demands including lowering cost of living are not met by President William Ruto's govt.

He says the withdrawal of subsidies to food and education in the middle of drought and famine was reckless and heartless. Consequently, the subsidies must be restored and the cost of basic commodities and taxes must come down in the next 14 days.

Mr Odinga also said the “electoral deceit must end” and that “servers must be opened and audited under the auspices of a reputable firm or organisation failure to which we shall lead people to restore their authority and voice.”

He added: “The ongoing process of reconstituting IEBC must stop immediately. A bipartisan task force must be put in place to restructure IEBC in a manner that ends its monolithic operations.”

"If these demands are not heeded within fourteen days, we shall lead Kenyans to massive mass action across the country to take their power back and restore sanity," he warned.