In recorded speech, Uhuru refuses to mention, congratulate Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaks after Supreme Court verdict

Outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a brief speech following the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the election results, but failed to mention President-elect William Ruto by name or congratulate his deputy.

"I want to wish well all who have won as they guide our country into the future. I thank you all for the opportunity to serve," he said while wrapping up his first post-poll public speech that made no mention of Dr Ruto

He said that he will oversee a smooth transition to the next administration. 

"All the necessary orders to facilitate this process have already been issued," he said.

He also urged Kenyans to respect the institutions that midwife their new leaders, while also asking the public to constantly put them under scrutiny as a civic duty required of every Kenyan. 

"They must test them (institutions) for coherence. They must constantly scrutinise the coherence of the truth given by these institutions...has there been a consistent pattern from one election to another? Is it about numbers or is it about process?" he said, in an apparent reference to the verdict issued by the Supreme Court on Monday afternoon. 

"Can an institution rule one way in an election and another way in another election without scrutiny?" He wondered, while inviting Kenyans to keep vigil and hold all institutions to account.

'I will call Uhuru'

Earlier today, Dr Ruto said in his speech shortly after the court's verdict that he would be reaching out to President Kenyatta to discuss transition to his administration. Notably, Mr Kenyatta's speech did not mention if the call had happened or if he had any plans to speak to his deputy regarding the matter.

Ruto: I will call Uhuru shortly to discuss transition

While revealing that he had not spoke to his boss in months, Dr Ruto said he will honour Mr Kenyatta as he retires. 

"We will respect Mr Kenyatta in his retirement. We will give him the honour he deserves. We are not petty," Dr Ruto said at his Karen residence in Nairobi. 

Seemingly inseparable when they won their first presidential election in 2013, a rift began to form during the 2017 electioneering period, even as they united to go up against then-rival Raila Odinga. 

However, foe turned friend as Mr Kenyatta mended fences with Mr Odinga with the famous 'Handshake' in 2018, and the rift between the President and his deputy grew.