Operators protest at poor state of Muthurwa terminus

Members of public on walk to work across the Muthurwa terminus on October 11, 2012. PHOTO / WILIAM OERI

Traffic at the busy Jogoo Road was partially paralyzed after matatu operators using the Muthurwa terminus staged a demonstration to protest at the facility's dilapidated state.

Commuters were treated to a rude shock after they were forced to walk the distance from the City stadium to the city center.

The matatu operators said the demonstartion was to protest the failure of the City council to listen to their grievances despite paying heavy parking fees every month.

The terminus was opened in 2007 by President Kibaki at the height of the lection campaigns.

According to the Eastlands Matatu Sacco Chairman George Githinji, the operators have suffered for the past five years and blamed the council for turning the terminus into a market.

“We lose over 20 matatus every rainy season due to breakdown as a result of the poor road network. Part of the terminus has also been given to businessmen leaving the Matatus with inadequate space to park,” said Mr Githinji.

The Muthurwa terminus is currently closed, and according to the chairman, they are dropping commuters at the City stadium.

Mr Githinji complained that the city council have been collecting over Sh20 million from the matatu owners every month and have refused to repair the dilapidated road network at the terminus.