NMG will remain neutral in poll coverage, says Kiboro

Nation Media Group Board Chairman Wilfred Kiboro

Nation Media Group Board Chairman Wilfred Kiboro addresses participants during the Sustainable Energy Conference at Olkaria in Naivasha. 

Photo credit: Cheboite Kigen | Nation Media Group

The Nation Media Group will be fair in its coverage of the ongoing political campaigns as the nation draws closer to the August 9 polls.

The company’s board chairman, Dr Wilfred Kiboro, has urged aspirants throughout the country to preach peace, saying an election is like a friendly match that should bring people together.

“We shall be fair, objective and balanced in our coverage. We shall report [news] in the best way as committed citizens because we love our country and we want it to prosper,” he said at the Nakuru Golf Club on Saturday during the Nation Classic golf tournament.

“As the largest media house in the region, we shall ensure that our country remains united by preaching peace. I want to assure our readers and viewers that we’re committed to preaching peace,” he added. He urged the youth to avoid being used to cause chaos, saying, the election will come and go but the nation will remain.

“I have seen every single election that this country has held since 1963 and I want to tell the young men and women of Kenya that elections come and go. It is an event like any other,” he said.

“On August 10, we will continue going to the same mosques and churches to pray. Our neighbours will remain our neighbours. Nothing will change for the majority of us.”

He urged Kenyans not to be carried away by political statements during their campaigns.

“Let us listen to them respectfully and make a judgment on whom we think will deliver on his promises. Go and vote because it matters a lot the kind of people that Kenyans elect to leadership positions,” said Dr Kiboro.

“Leaders have an extraordinary impact on the people and all Kenyans eligible to vote must wake up on August 9 and go out to exercise their constitutional right by electing leaders of their choice.”

Dr Kiboro said he was impressed by the huge turnout in the golf tournament, saying, such an event brings people together.

“There is much value in meeting new people with new ideas. While it is good to spend quality time with your wife and children, it is also important to interact with other people. This is an opportunity that NMG gives to its readers and partners across the country,” said Dr Kiboro.

The tournament attracted 154 participants from Nyanza, Nairobi, Nakuru, Laikipia, Kericho and Kiambu.

“Last year I promised that NMG will sponsor this tournament and we have lived up to our promise. I hope politicians can learn from NMG. They forget their promises as soon as they are elected into office,” he said.

He said the company will continue to it to interact with its customers.

“We’re in an electioneering period and it is important for NMG to put its ears on the ground to know what is happening and be able to contribute in terms of how it reports on the elections,” said Dr Kiboro.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui lauded NMG for hosting the tournament in the lakeside city.

“As a county, we appreciate the support NMG has been according to us to achieve our development agenda,” he said.