NMG celebrates first anniversary of Nation.Africa

Mutuma Mathiu

From left: Nation Media Group (NMG) Editorial Director Mutuma Mathiu, CEO Stephen Gitagama, Product and Innovation Lead Kudrat Sehgal and Head of Strategy and Innovation Max Okeyo cut a cake in celebration of NMG’s digital platform Nation.Africa’s one-year anniversary at the Nation Centre on September 7, 2021.

Photo credit: Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

Nation Media Group (NMG) on Tuesday celebrated the first anniversary of its flagship premier digital platform Nation.Africa, with the promise of unique and quality content for its millions of consumers.

Leading the celebrations at the Nation Centre, NMG’s Chief Executive Stephen Gitagama said the launch of the digital platform marked a major turning point in positioning the group as a modern digital content company.

He drew parallels to March 1960 when NMG produced its first newspaper, saying the two were like a leap into uncharted waters.

He noted that due to an unparalleled team spirit and hard work from NMG staff, Nation.Africa has had the same success as the newspaper despite having been launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Gitagama noted that the platform had grown in leaps and bounds since its launch in September last year.

Nation.Africa has more than 355,000 registrations, with the first ever content paywall in the Kenyan media industry having at least 115,000 paid subscribers.

The NMG boss said the company would not rest on its laurels as the challenge will be bigger in the second year.

“I want to assure everyone that we have what it takes to succeed even more and I am sure come next year we will be celebrating even bigger achievements,” said Mr Gitagama.

He added that Nation.Africa would be empowered to produce superior content that directly speaks to consumers.

To achieve this, Mr Gitagama said, NMG will constantly innovate to improve the user experience for the company to maintain its lead as the king of content generation, in line with its vision of being Media of Africa, for Africa.

To enhance Nation.Africa’s tech experience, NMG has tapped the services of Mr Oliver August whi will lead the technology development team.

The company’s Group Editorial Director Mutuma Mathiu said NMG would keep going out of its way to tell impactful stories happening across the continent.

“The launch of the platform changed our journalism thought-process but our survival and success will depend on the quality of our journalism as we push through the next phase of growth,” said Mr Mathiu.

“We must then double our efforts in telling whatever happens in Africa in an impactful manner and I am confident that we will do whatever needs to be done to reach the next level.”

NMG’s Head of Strategy and Innovation Max Okeyo said the digital brand, which was conceptualised in late 2018, defines what the biggest media house in East and Central Africa is about. He added that plans are in the pipeline to scale the product as a key brand in the region and beyond.

Daily Nation’s Growth Editor Harry Misiko promised consumers a more exciting 2022, with an “overfed” Nation.Africa that will carry a rich mix of content including photos, audio, video, podcasts and top-notch stories.

“The baby is alive and kicking. It is healthy and it can only get healthier,” said Mr Misiko.