Mboya, Njonjo and their unbridled ambition to gain political power

Founding President Jomo Kenyatta in a cheerful mood with his Vice President Daniel arap Moi, Tom Mboya and Mr Charles Njonjo at the Nairobi Airport turn-off. PHOTO | FILE | NMG

What you need to know:

  • Kenyatta, I think, never really liked Tom, but as always, it was a question of who was using whom, and how far Kenyatta would allow it to go.

  • While Tom might be losing friends in Parliament, he was still a force to reckon with, aligned with Kenyatta and very much at the centre of government.

  • He was, however, a Luo, and here lay his second problem, tribalism: The more he pushed himself forward, the more determined were the Kikuyu that he should not take over.

  • The question now was would he give up trying or would he have to be stopped somehow?

As Mboya’s star had risen, others, jealous of his youth and appeal, saw the power he was wielding  within the government and feared that Kenyatta had become too dependent on him


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