List of Westgate mall victims - UPDATED

Westgate shopping mall where at least 61 people were killed by terrorists. PHOTO/JOAN PERERUAN

What you need to know:

  • The identities of all the 61 civilians and 6 security officials killed in the Westgate Mall attack are not released yet, we will continue updating this list as the names become known.

The list of victims of the Saturday terrorist attack in a Nairobi mall confirmed Kenya’s credentials as a cosmopolitan African city with inhabitants from all parts of the world.

Here is a list of some of the victims.


1. Peter Ldhituachi Simani, a board director at the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) and chairman of the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal, also tragically died at the Westgate Mall.

Mr. Simani, a senior partner at Simani and Associates, was serving a three-year term at the regulator’s board. He was appointed in February 2011. The deceased’s law firm provided consultancy and legal services in criminal, civil, and commercial law.

2. Anuj Shah of Sona Shoppe, a photography studio situated in several Nakumatt branches such as the ill-fated Westlands and Ukay, was also killed during the attack. Mr. Shah was the brother-in-law of Atul Shah, Nakumatt Holdings’ managing director.

3. Harun Oyieke, a lecturer at Co-operative University College of Kenya, which is based in Karen. He was the husband to Prof. Florence Awino of University of Nairobi’s School of Biological sciences where she is also the deputy director of the Student Welfare Authority (SWA).

4. Ruhila Adatia-Sood, a popular TV and radio personality, was in the rooftop car park of the Westgate shopping centre where she was part of a team hosting a cooking competition for children at the time of the attack.

She was married to Ketan Sood, who worked for USAid in Nairobi, in January 2012 in what has been described as Swahili-themed wedding. She was six months’ pregnant with their first child when she died.

According to reports, Ms Adatia-Sood was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

5 &6. Mbugua Mwangi and Rosemary Wahito: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew Mbugua Mwangi and his fiancee Rosemary Wahito are among the many Kenyans killed in the attack on the Westgate shopping centre.

According to the Irish Independent newspaper, Mr Mwangi’s mother, Catherine Muigai Mwangi, had recently returned home from Dublin following a six-year posting as Kenya’s ambassador to Ireland.
Mr Kenyatta’s elder sister, Christine Wambui Pratt, had also been at Westgate at the time of the attack, but managed to escape. The family was planning a wedding for the deceased couple.
7. Mitul Shah: A sales and marketing director of Bidco, a company that primarily makes cooking oil, Mitul Shah was also up in the rooftop car park at the cooking competition.
“He died trying to save stranded children. He died as a hero,” Half Jadhe Half Kyuk wrote on the message board.
Nehal Vekaria: A 16-year-old student. On Sunday, her family held her funeral where she was cremated.

8. Martin Munene Kithinji: A police officer attached to GSU Recce company.

9. Wilkista Vizengwa Angoro: She used to work with AMREF

10. Crispal Gaitung'u Ng'ang'a: He worked for Genesis Office Solutions

11. Kennedy Mogaka Mochere: He was a Nakumatt employee

12. Veronicah Wairimu Kamau: Also worked at Nakumatt

13. John Mutinda Musango: He hails from Machakos County and worked at Nakumatt

14 David Kithumbi Karechu. A Bank of Baroda employee and father of four.

15 Ezekiel Muchoka Mitambo, 26 KDF soldier was felled while on a recue mission.

16 John Mugwika 67, Former government surveyor was a driver and died on duty.

17 Pavraj Ghataurhae, Oshwal Academy student.

18 Paul Kimani, 64, A driver.

19 David Muthumbi, Bank of Baroda employee.

20 Rajan Solanki 24, He died at the cooking contest in Westgate

21 Pramshu Jain 8, Student at Visa Oshwal.

22 Maurice Ombisa.

23 Paul Muriuki 54, a driver and father of four

25 Salima Ayaz Merali Wife of Paramount Universal Bank CEO Ayaz Merali.

26 John Mulwa, 25 Worked for Paramount cleaning services at Westgate Mall

28 Nurianna Merali, Daughter of Paramount Universal Bank CEO Ayaz Merali.

29 Rehmat Mehboob, shot while fleeing from attackers

30 Dalvinder Kaur, Died with her grandson Pavraj Singh

31 Silvia Makungu Ulari, 24 Worked for Parapet cleaning.

32 Marygloria Atamba Selete, Customer relationship assistant at The Little Soles shop

33 Jenah Louis Bawa, 8 She died alongside her mother Zahira

34 Zahira Ahmed Sajan Commercial property lawyer.

35 Jackton Puodi, KDF soldier killed in the rescue mission.

36 Ruth Macharia, Killed at Art Caffe restaurant while on duty

37 Malti Ramesh Vaya, Empoyee Bank of Baroda

38 Neha Mashru Student at Visa Oshwal

39 Shyrose Dossa.

40. Annemarie Desloges: A 29-year-old Canadian diplomat who served at the country’s high commission in Kenya as a liaison officer with the Canada Border Services Agency.
Her husband, Robert Munk, was injured in the attack but has since been released from hospital, officials said.
Another Canadian was also killed, but has not been named.

41.Kofi Awoonor: The 78-year-old Ghanaian was a renowned poet - regarded as literary royalty at home, where his poetry and novels are considered essential reading at schools. He was in Nairobi as a participant in the Storymoja Hay Festival and was due to perform on Saturday evening.
Ghana’s President John Mahama said he was shocked by such a sad twist of fate.
Mr Awoonor’s son was with him in Nairobi and was shot in the shoulder during the attack.

42. Sridhar Natarajan: The 40-year-old who died in Westgate was working for a pharmaceutical firm in Nairobi, Indian external ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin said on Twitter. He was from Tamil Nadu, in southern India.
43. Paramshu Jain: The eight-year-old son of a branch manager for the Bank of Baroda also tragically died in the mall, Mr Akbaruddin said.

44. Juan Jesus Ortiz: A doctor and former deputy head of the Kenyan branch of the UN children’s fund, Juan Jesus Ortiz was at the shopping centre with his 13-year-old daughter Juanita. The 63-year-old died at the scene.
His daughter was shot in the leg and hand and required surgery but is expected to survive, his son, Ricardo Ortiz, told Peru’s RPP radio, the AFP news agency reports.

45. Kang Moon-hee: The 38-year-old was fatally wounded from gunshot wounds and shrapnel from a grenade, South Korean’s Yonhap news agency reported.
Sources told the agency she died while being treated at a hospital on Sunday. Her husband, a British citizen, has received surgery for a gunshot wound and is reportedly currently in stable condition. According to AFP, the couple had only recently moved to Nairobi from Dubai.

46. A 33-year-old Dutch woman died at Westgate. According to AFP, quoting Dutch media reports, she had been living in Tanzania and was married to an Australian, who was also killed in the siege.

47 &22. Ross Langdon and his wife Elif Yavuz: Mr Langdon and his eight and-a-half months pregnant wife were shot inside the mall. Mr Langdon had his own firm, Regional Associates Ltd while his wife was a malaria specialist working for the Vill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

50. China’s official news agency reported that a 38-year-old Chinese woman had been killed - her teenage son was injured.
51. A mother and daughter were “executed in the parking lot” of Westgate, a French official said.

Anne Dechauffour A london based French model who acted in a film about a hostage crisis.


52. Ravindra Ramrattan: He worked for FSD Kenya

53. One national has died at Westgate, officials said.

54 & 55. Other victims identified by Daily Telegragh are Simon Belcher, Zahara Bawa and her eight-year-old daughter Jenah.