Latest Covid-19 restrictions in Kenya

President Kenyatta warns of a possible second wave of Covid-19.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday announced new Covid-19 containment measures following a surge in the number of cases reported in the country over the last few weeks. 

Here is a summary of the rules aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. 

  • All Cabinet members to scale down all in-person engagements. Engage through virtual means where possible.
  • All State and Public officers aged above 58 years, or who are immune-compromised, to work remotely. With the exemption of those serving the nation in critical sectors.
  • All basic education classes to resume in-person learning in January 2021.
  • MPs urged to engage CDF boards to augment existing interventions geared towards the re-opening of schools. Focus on additional hand-washing points, provision of face masks and general sanitisation in schools.
  • All political gatherings and rallies are suspended for a period of 60 days, effective immediately. Anyone wishing to such meetings to do so in town halls and limit attendees to one-third sitting capacity of hall.
  • Ministry of Interior to constitute a special enforcement unit for Covid-19 protocols
  • Curfew extended to January 3, 2021.
  • Curfew hours to be between 10pm and 4am.
  • All bars, restaurants and other establishments open to the public must close by 9pm
  • All hotels, restaurants and bars, eateries operators to do all that is necessary to ensure enhanced compliance with Covid-19 protocols.
  • Directions governing religious gatherings remain unchanged
  • County governments to maintain isolation facilities
  • Where there is an upsurge of Covid-19 cases in a specific county, the national government will consult with the country to find localised lockdowns
  • County governments to enhance and structure enforce all public health.
  • New campaign dubbed - No mask, no service, bila barakoa hakuna huduma - launched.