Kindiki to Nairobi criminals: We are coming for you

Kindiki to Nairobi criminals: We are coming for you

The government has issued a stern warning to bandits, criminals in Nairobi who have been mugging locals, and terrorists that they will be dealt with according to law.

While addressing the press, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki said that the criminal activities, banditry and terrorism, are the key challenges being addressed by the government to ensure every corner of the country is safe.

“We have witnessed increasing criminal activity within the city of Nairobi. It’s a small group of criminals armed with knives who are terrorising the residents of this city and other few urban centres,” said Prof Kindiki who also announced an immediate change in deployment of police command in the City.  

“Those boys who have dared the government and want to tell us they can take over the city and make it a city of crime.

“In this regard, the leadership and the command of the Nairobi City police deployment has changed effective immediately. The national police service has also put in place a multi-agency and multi discipline approach to this problem,” he said.


He added that the government has set up a response to counter bandit attacks that have been reported in Northern Kenya, saying the bandits have dared the government and that they will get what they deserve.

“In the recent weeks there have been reported incidents of bandit attacks in many parts of the northern part of our country. Recently, the president addressed the issue during his visit to Turkana and Samburu. It’s the position of the government to follow up on policy directives to ensure we rid the country from a gang of a few citizens who think they have the wherewithal to dare and even try to hold fellow citizens at ransom,” said CS Kindiki.

“We are rolling out an unprecedented response against criminals. We are going to go to their hideouts. We will look for the criminals and do to them what the law we do with criminals is in accordance with the law of our country and all other applicable international laws,” he said.

He explained that even though banditry has assumed an economic dimension, and can easily constitute crimes against humanity, the government has found out where the bandits have been retreating to, and that the criminals, their financiers, spiritual supporters, benefactors and those who purchase livestock stolen from them will be brought down.

“These criminals want us to believe they have the wherewithal, sophistication and endurance to withstand the lawful response of the government on organized crimes and crimes against humanity. We are coming for you effective immediately and the response will be sustained until we free our country from the fangs of bandits, criminals, murderers and profiteers of bloodshed,” he said.

Internal security

Prof Kindiki added that the government is on high alert to deter and neutralise any threats of terrorism to ensure that the country continues to enjoy peace and stability.

“We warn those that want to hurt our country that we will go for them before they come to us,” said the CS.

While reiterating the government’s commitment to support all officers under the Interior and Security ministry, CS Kindiki also announced that the government is reviewing the terms under which officers work under, with announcements on how and when it will be rolled out to be made in due course.