Kenyans experience interrupted and slow internet connections


Kenyans on Tuesday experienced interrupted and slower internet speeds across the country.

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Despite government assurances that there would be no internet outage, Kenyans on Tuesday experienced interrupted and slower internet speeds across the country.

This comes as demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2024 rocked various parts of the country, with destruction and deaths reported.

Communications Authority of Kenya Director-General and CEO David Mugonyi had on Monday dismissed claims that the government was planning to shut down the internet as part of efforts to quell simmering tensions in the country.

The agency had said it had received numerous enquiries about shutting down the internet. But it assured that the government had no such plans.

"For the avoidance of doubt, the authority has no intention whatsoever to shut down internet traffic or interfere with the quality of connectivity," he said, explaining that such actions would be a betrayal of the Constitution as a whole and, particularly, freedom of expression.

In a joint statement by Amnesty International Kenya and partners, the civil societies claimed that Dr Ruto’s regime was contemplating a total internet shutdown.

Amnesty went on to remind the government that shutting down or throttling the internet, shadow-banning hashtags or banning live coverage are gross violations of human rights.

However, as demonstrations raged, Kenyans experienced slow internet across the country.

On various social media platforms, Kenyans vented their frustrations and agony over the internet speeds. The internet has been critical in the mobilization of the youth under #RejectFinanceBill2024.

On X (formerly Twitter) where Kenyans shared live information and updates, lamented about the concerns of slowed internet.

“Safaricom wamefinya internet bana. Twitter is too slow on my end. Are you guys experiencing the same?” lamented Muhammad Onyango.

 Another user, Edgar Wabwire said: “internet allegedly moderated as users start to experience slow speeds.”

Meanwhile, Safaricom PLC reported an outage on two of its undersea cables that deliver internet in and out of Kenya.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, Safaricom said it had activated redundancy measures to minimise service interruption and keep its customers connected as it awaits the full restoration of the cables.

“'You may, however, experience reduced internet speeds and intermittency on various apps, including M-PESA Super APP and Safaricom APP. customers are advised to use USSD *334# FOR M-PESA Services or the SIM tool kit,” the company said.