Government outlines new steps in fight against coronavirus

The next two weeks are very critical for Kenya in fight against the spread of the deadly new coronavirus, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said.

The CS outlined new steps Friday to combat the virus.

Here are the directions Mr Kagwe said Kenyans need to adhere to:

  • 14-seater matatus to have eight passengers at a time, 25-seaters to carry 15, Buses whose sitting capacity is 30 and above to have 60 percent sitting capacity. This rule applies to SGR and the commuter trains.

  • County governments must prioritise garbage collection and cleanliness in markets.

  • All social places including bars and nightclubs should be closed at 7.30pm until further notice.

  • Employers ordered to ensure social distancing is adhered to at work places. Companies will be held responsible if anything happens in their premises.

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  • Nairobi city markets including Gikomba and Kenyatta will be cleaned and fumigated starting Saturday March 21, 2020. All traders ordered to stay at home.

  • Supermarkets to limit number of shoppers in their premises. Owners encouraged to open for 24 hours as government will give security where required.

  • Restaurants may continue operations as long as they comply with social-distancing and hygiene measurers.

  • Hospitals to restrict patients' visitors to family members contacted by hospitals

  • All incoming travellers must comply with self-quarantine procedures

  • Online campaign dubbed #KomeshaKorona unveiled in fight against spread of coronavirus.