Form Four students to pay more for KCSE exams

The national examinations agency has increased the registration fees for this year’s Form Four candidates.

In a circular to headteachers, the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) chief executive Paul Wasanga cited rising cost of examination materials and hiring of personnel as the reasons for raising the fees.

“Due to the escalating cost of running this examination, it has been found necessary to review the KCSE fees with effect from January 2013,” he said.

“This information should be brought to the attention of all prospective KCSE examination candidates, parents and guardians in good time.”

In the new charge schedule, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam candidates taking on subjects with practical components assessed by external examiners will pay Sh500 more which would go settle examiners’ allowances.

Candidates taking subjects with a project module will pay an extra Sh200 as charge for setting, moderation and printing of advance instructions.

However, students paying for aviation technology exams will pay an additional Sh2,500 for the purchase of material for the practical paper and payment to external examiners.

Students would first be required to pay Sh2,200 as basic examination fees and Sh400 per subject. This means that if one is studying seven subjects, one will pay Sh5,000 to Knec before paying extra charges depending on whether the subjects have practical or project modules.

The council would charge Sh500 more in basic exam registration fees for students either be registering as private candidates or repeating the exam.