Woman’s joy after daughter who made her leave school scores 425

2022 KCPE

Sweenny Blessed Wanjiku who scored 425 marks.

Photo credit: Pool | Nation

Sweenny Blessed Wanjiku, 14, of Moi Primary School in Nakuru County was among the top pupils in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) tests.

With 425 marks, she is perhaps the best female candidate from a public school, just six marks behind the country’s top candidates Robinson Makokha Fwaro and Lewis Omondi Otieno.

Her sterling performance has made her family and school proud.

It has come as a comfort to Sweenny’s mother, who dropped out of school when she got pregnant with her.

Ms Mary Muturi was in Form Two when became pregnant.

She ran away from home out of fear but her mother looked for her and assured her of her support. Her mother promised to take care of the baby so that Mary could continue with her education.

Unfortunately, the young Sweenny was sickly.

“She would always catch cold. I could not continue attending classes when my child was sick at home,” Mary said.

She made the painful decision of dropping out of school.

Sweenny’s health stabilised when she was seven years old.

What got her mother curious was her determination and hard work in school. “She is a disciplined and hardworking girl. Sweenny always uses her time on school work,” Mary said.

And when the KCPE test results were released on Wednesday, Mary could not believe it.

“My daughter has made me proud and I don’t regret dropping out of school to take care of her,” she said.

No sponsor

Sweenny wants to join Alliance Girls High School and aspires to be a doctor.

Her mother, however, fears that Sweenny may not achieve her dreams since she might not be able to support her daughter’s education.

Sweenny’s primary school education was sponsored by her aunt, whose current financial situation may not allow her to continue paying fees.