Agency seeks to empower persons with disabilities on ICT

Mr Victor Kopiyo, an advocate of the High Court, making a presentation on ICT and disabilities at a workshop in Nairobi on August 3, 2019. PHOTO | OUMA WANZALA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

The government has been urged to fast-track the development of a policy on ICT with focus on persons with disabilities.

Mr Victor Kopiyo an advocate of the High Court and a researcher said people with disabilities are now using ICT more and their rights must be protected.

“We have very low awareness on what needs to be done on the rights of the disabled person. ICT is key in championing their rights and that is why we want the government to include ICT issues in disability programmes,” said Mr Kopiyo during a workshop for persons with disabilities on use of ICT in Nairobi.

He said people who are blind ought to be supported in using websites and other ICT devices.

The workshop organised by Collaboration on International ICT policy for East and Southern Africa brought together participants from private sector and public.

Mr Kopiyo cited cases where disabled persons seeking assistance in customer care centres are never attended to due various issues such as language barrier among others.

The executive director of Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa Dr Wairagala Wakabi said the training seeks to empower persons with disabilities on use of ICT.

“We are looking at challenges persons with disabilities face in use of ICT and how they can overcome such challenges,” said Dr Wakabi.

He also called on the government to remove taxes on devices being used by persons with disabilities and also encourage local production so that they can acquire them.

“We are being told that 81 per cent of Kenyans access internet, but what percentage is by persons with disabilities?” posed Dr Wakabi.