Average KCPE scorer shoots to aerospace fame in UK at only 28

Gladys Chepkirui Ngetich. She is one of the top PhD scholars in aerospace engineering science globally.

What you need to know:

  • Gladys Chepkirui was enrolled in a little known local secondary school but she ended up among top scholars in the world’s best universities
  • Unlike in the Kenyan education system, Chepkirui did not have to go through a master’s programme.
  • As a Fellow, Chepkirui is undertaking a year-long postdoctoral placement at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

When Gladys Chepkirui Ngetich boarded a plane on September 28 2015 to the United Kingdom, it was her second flight outside of Kenya. Her first ever flight was two years earlier when she travelled to Norway to attend the International Student Festival in Trondheim.


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