Mombasa pupil, 13, launches two books

Mercy Mburugu launches her books on July 27, 2019 at Port Reitz Special School in Mombasa. She said she achieved her dream through patience and hard work. PHOTO | DIANA MUTHEU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

What you need to know:

  • Mercy's mother said parents should encourage and nurture their children’s talents.

Thirteen year-old Mercy Mburugu, a pupil at Memon Academy in Mombasa was overjoyed when teachers, parents and learners from various school came to witness the launch of her books.

The launch that took place at Port Reitz Special School on Saturday was marked by cake-cutting.

Mercy, a Standard Eight pupil, launched two books: Expectations Vs Reality and In Search of my Dad, I landed in Police Hands.

The girl said the books were inspired by true life experiences. She said Experiences Vs Reality is about indiscipline by students, especially those in boarding schools.

"During the school holidays, I interacted with my cousins who are in boarding schools. They told me that three girls ran away from school one night. Bad behaviour is rampant in primary and secondary schools. Students can choose to follow school rules, work hard and get good grades," she said.


She added that she has had a passion for writing ever since she was a nine-year-old. Her hobbies include reading, writing and praying.

Two years ago, she wrote and compiled 11 short stories. "I have learnt that writing is not something you can just wake up one morning and do. One must be organised and committed. It also needs patience," she said.

Mercy added that despite her success, she faced challenges when writing the books, “but this gave me strength to move on”.

"Some of my friends were not happy and even wished that they were the ones who wrote the books. Others stopped being my friends but that did not stop me from pursuing my writing dream," she said.

Ms Beatrice Mburugu could not hide the joy brought by her daughter’s achievement.

"We are proud of Mercy and we wish her well as she grows her writing skills," she said.


She added that parents should encourage and nurture their children’s talents as they provide them with basic education.

Memon Academy head teacher Constantine Dzombo praised the young author for her efforts.

"Mercy is not very outgoing but she is a problem solver. Congratulations on launching the books," Ms Dzombo said.

Mercy's English teacher, Mr Fredrick Oyiera, who helped in editing her work, said she is a polite and disciplined learner.

"She is a careful listener and writing is one way of expressing herself," he said.

Mercy attributed her success to her family, teachers, fellow pupils, Port Reitz Special School and Mr Gabriel Olewe of Writers Guild Kenya.