Deputy CJ in exchange with security at Village Market

Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza has apologised for the "unfortunate" incident at Village Market on Saturday saying she had no intention of "arrogance or ill will" January 4, 2012. FILE

Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza was involved in an exchange of words with the Village Market security guards on Saturday evening.

She had gone to Bella Dona pharmacy inside the Nakumatt Village Market on Saturday evening to purchase some drugs.

She walked past a female security officer without being screened and the lady followed her to the counter and informed her that she had to be screened.

The deputy CJ allegedly declined and proceeded to the counter to purchase some drugs

When she left the pharmacy, she confronted the guard and asked her why she treated her in such an offhand manner, but the guard allegedly told her off saying that she did not care who she was.

She had driven to the shopping mall after visiting her son in hospital. The confrontation took place as the driver was looking for a parking slot.

The following day at around 11am the guard, Rebecca Morara went to Gigiri police station and made a report claiming she had been threatened. Both Mrs Baraza and the officer have also recorded a statement with the Gigiri police.

Judiciary’s Chief of Staff Duncan Okello said an official statement on the matter will be made Wednesday.

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe confirmed that the incident was reported at Gigiri police station and an inquiry file opened.

He also added that the deputy CJ does not carry a gun.


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