British ex-soldier accused of killing Agnes Wanjiru remains free

Agnes Wanjiru.

Agnes Wanjiru, who was found dead in 2012 after she went missing.

Photo credit: Pool

The British government has been accused of dragging its feet in investigating the murder of a Kenyan woman who allegedly died in the hands of a former soldier in Nanyuki 10 years ago.

Until the end of November 2021, the family of Agnes Wanjiru, who died aged 21, believed that they were on a path to getting justice, but according to a UK paper, the suspect is happily living his life in England.

The UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriot and General Mark Carleton-Smith, then the head of the army, assured Wanjiru's family that they were all determined to ensure that they get justice.

“The ex-soldier is said by former colleagues in the Duke of Lancaster Regiment to have murdered Agnes Wanjiru, a 21-year-old mother from Nanyuki, Kenya,” The UK Times reported on June 19.

Sadly, despite the assurance from UK officials, no key witnesses have ever been interviewed over the murder of Wanjiru who would have been 31 years old today.

“The identity of her alleged murderer was ‘an open secret’ within the Duke of Lancaster Regiment,” the Times reported. 

It has also emerged that eight members of the army including the suspect laughed and joked on Facebook over the death of the woman.

How did Ms Wanjiru who was scheduled to leave the country for Afghanistan where she had secured a job meet her death?

In March 2012, she left her five-month-old daughter with her sister in a small shanty room that they shared located in Majengo in Nanyuki.

Her mission was clear, a friend had told her that there was a party that would involve British soldiers who were about to jet out of the country.

The party was to take place at Nyati Barracks and the duo finally arrived at the Lions Court Inn Hotel where she was seen having fun moments with the British soldiers.

She could later leave with the suspect and they were directed to a lodge by a guard. The lodge was at the hotel’s ground floor.

Four witnesses said that it was the last time Ms Wanjiru was seen alive until the following day when her sister reported that she had gone missing.

Two months later, her naked body could later be found in a septic tank, only yards away from the room where she had spent her night.

A postmortem report revealed that she had been stabbed on the stomach and chest. She had also been assaulted.