Keith Morris gets 18 years for raping young girls in Kilifi

British citizen Keith Morris has been jailed for 18 years by a UK court for sexually assaulting schoolgirls from a remote village in Kilifi County.

Morris, 72, from Hull, was jailed by Leeds Crown Court for the crimes he committed between 2016 and 2017 during his holiday trips to Kenya’s coast.

The retired pensioner, who was convicted for the crimes in May, had been visiting Kenya for the last 20 years.

During this period, Morris had established close relations with the locals, some whose children he supported by giving them money and other goodies. 

Morris would then take underage girls from the village to Mombasa for trips before sexually assaulting them in his hotel room at Bamburi.

Some of the victims claimed that Morris raped them multiple times, even as they resisted his sexual manoeuvres.

The Briton never used protection during these incidents, and even cautioned his victims against reporting his deeds to anyone. 

Investigations conducted jointly by UK’s National Crime Agency and Kenyan detectives revealed that Morris had attempted to block justice by promising money to the victims and witnesses.

He also tried to use his Kenyan associates to clear his name after the accusations emerged.

While sentencing him, Judge Robin Mairs said Morris had used his “elevated and financially powerful position” to access and lure vulnerable girls into sexual misconduct.

“You preyed upon the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable,” judge Mairs said.