Terror link girl was an ‘A’ student

University students protest over the killing of 142 students of Garissa University College on April 6, 2015. FILE PHOTO |

What you need to know:

  • Schoolgirl, who was arrested in Juja, is detained in police custody for 10 days.
  • Class teacher says girl, 16, who appeared in court topped her class, was an obedient student.

The girl arrested on suspicion of being a member of Al-Shabaab was an obedient and bright student, her class teacher has said.

Mr Pius Rioba, a teacher at Precious Blood Kagwe High School, said the girl was their student until last year.

He said the girl, who has since appeared in court, was always the top student in her class since she joined the Catholic sponsored school in 2011.

Speaking during an interview at the school, Mr Rioba said she was appointed a class prefect because of her good performance and conduct. She held the position until she left the school.

“She was an exemplary student. She performed very well in all subjects. She was cooperative and was very hardworking,” said Mr Rioba.

He said the student, whose admission number was 4041, was a staunch Christian. She attended the Pentecostal Church of East Africa faithful, but adapted the Catholic faith.

Mr Rioba said she attended mass daily at the school in Lari, Kiambu. However, he said, Sylvia failed to return to school after the April holiday last year.

“I saw nothing unusual because students fail to return to school either because of transfers or for other reasons,” he said.

After a week, Mr Rioba said the school contacted her parents who informed them that she had disappeared, and they do not know where she is.

The parents said they gave their daughter money for shopping a few days before opening day, but she never returned home.

Mr Rioba said the father had reported the matter to the police who searched for her everywhere, including in mortuaries.

The teacher informed other students about the disappearance. Mr Rioba said the phone the girl used to communicate with her fellow students had been switched off.

“We got news in the media. The school is in shock,” he said,The Form Two student was arrested in Juja, Kiambu, on Monday. She is in police custody for 10 days.