Raila Odinga makes fresh rigging claims

Raila releases names of police officers in rigging plot

Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga has issued a list of 42 people he claims are police and military officers deployed by Jubilee to interfere in the General Election.

Mr Odinga on Thursday said the 42, who he claims are drawn from the Army, National Intelligence Service, General Service Unit and the Dog Unit, had been assigned to work as returning officers, clerks and party agents on August 8.


“The decision was made at a meeting held on 23rd June where the officers' work IDs were withdrawn and they were given the normal IDs,” he said.

He said some of the officers had contacted Nasa on the secret plan.

“I’m not just making wild allegations,” he said. “Some of the officers have talked to us…we have evidence and will provide it.”

The Orange Democratic Movement leader claimed his alliance was poised to win the poll and urged the military to keep off the elections.

"(They) must not be used to subvert the will of the people,” he said.


Mr Odinga challenged the Inspector-General of police to explain the nature of the special duties the 42 police officers have been assigned and the criteria that were used to identify the officers to be picked for the special duties.

“Elections are not a military affair and we are asking the Chief of Defence Forces not to be used on matters of the civilians,” Mr Odinga said.

Addressing the press at his Capitol Hill office, Mr Odinga claimed that the opposition is in possession of details of the June meeting indicating that a poll commissioned by NIS showed that Nasa was destined for a clear win with 70 per cent.

“The Jubilee minutes dated June 16, 2017 described a Raila win as 'tragic' and said President Uhuru Kenyatta would outrightly reject the results and refuse to hand over power,” Mr Odinga said.

The ODM party leader warned President Kenyatta not subvert the will of the people in the forthcoming general election and that he should respect the Constitution.

Mr Odinga accused President Kenyatta of presiding over runaway corruption, massive unemployment and a malfunctioning economy, saying the Jubilee leader has no achievement to show Kenyans.