Ms Keino 'killed and dumped' on highway, court told

Ms Mercy Keino was a Masters Student at the University of Nairobi. She died on June 17, 2011 and her body was found on Nairobi's Waiyaki Way. Photo/FILE

What you need to know:

  • Police constable Thomas Obongi told the court that Ms Keino might have been killed elsewhere and dumped on Waiyaki Way

University of Nairobi student Mercy Keino was not hit by a car, an inquest into her mysterious death heard on Monday.

Police constable Thomas Obongi told the court that Ms Keino might have been killed elsewhere and dumped on Waiyaki Way since there were no signs she was involved in any accident.

Mr Obongi said he went to the scene after getting a radio call that there was an accident near St Mark’s Church along Waiyaki Way in Westlands but suspected foul play after studying the scene of the alleged accident.

Prosecutor (Moses Omirera): What was your first observation when you arrived at the scene?

Obongi: The body was lying on the edge of the road, she was wearing a trouser and a blouse covered with blood. I could, however, not see her shoes and belongings.

Prosecutor: What injuries did you discover on the body?

Obongi: Both her legs and hands were broken and the head smashed. Part of her lower abdomen was open and intestines were coming out. I could not see the skull and moved around the area looking for it but I did not see it.

Prosecutor: What made you think it was not an accident?

Obongi: There was minimal blood and no signs of body movement. There was no pool of blood to suggest she was hit by a vehicle which is the normal evidence in an accident.

Prosecutor: What came to your mind after viewing the scene and the discovery you made?

Obongi: I suspected it to be foul play, that the victim might have been killed elsewhere and dumped at the scene because in a normal accident, you find the victim’s shoes, belongings and a pool of blood which were all missing.

Prosecutor: What did you do after suspecting it was not a normal accident?

Obongi: I informed my superiors at the traffic headquarters to send an ambulance which they did and we took the body to the City Mortuary.

Prosecutor: Can you confirm for sure that it was not a hit and run accident?

Obongi: No. With the multiple injuries the body had and no traces of blood on the road, I can for sure say it was not a hit and run accident.

Mr Obongi said he later drew a sketch map showing the body was one metre away from the road and that he was not able to establish the point of impact if at all Ms Keino was hit by a vehicle.

He ruled out the possibility of the body being run over by several vehicles since there were no traces of blood or body parts on the road.

Mr Robert Kioko, who was the manager at Wasini Luxury Homes where Ms Keino was last seen alive at a party hosted by Juja MP William Kabogo, said they reviewed CCTV footages of the events at the restaurant and discovered that the student became unruly after being intoxicated.

The inquest continues on Tuesday.