KDF troops kill 3 Al-Shabaab gunmen in Bura Hache gunfight

Kenyan soldiers in Somalia on Wednesday killed three Al-Shabaab terrorists and captured one in a gunfight in Bura Hache.

The Defence ministry issued a statement saying the troops, who are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), confiscated two AK 47 rifles, one SLR rifle and assorted ammunition.

KDF Spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Njuguna, said the incident took place at about 2pm as the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers patrolled the area in the northern sector.

Lt Col Njuguna said KDF soldiers will "remain vigilant and continue to relentlessly pursue the terrorists" to ensure peace and security in Kenya.

He added that they will continue to back Amisom operations as part of the bid to stabilise Somalia.

Early in January, KDF reported killing seven Al-Shabaab militants and wounding an unknown number in an operation in southern Somalia. 

The military seized 9 AK-47 rifles, 10 magazines, two rocket-propelled grenade launchers and three grenades from the militants.

The terrorists have also been killed in airstrikes by the United States. In 2018, the US military said it killed 62 fighters in airstrikes on December 16 and 17. These were the deadliest air attacks in Somalia since November 2017 when the US said it had killed 100 militants.

In January, the US military said it had killed 52 militants following an attack on a Somali army base, and in February, 35 terrorists were killed in similar operations.