Plane crashes at Nairobi's Highrise estate, one dead

Members of the public remove debris of a plane that crashed at Nairobi's Highrise estate on Saturday. One person was killed and two others seriously injured. Photo/William Oeri

One person died on Saturday when a light aircraft crashed in Nairobi's Highrise estate, off Mbagathi way and injuring two on board.

According to an eye witnesses, the plane lost control hitting electrical power lines. It then bumped into a four-storey flat sending it into flames before crashing on the open grounds.

“The lights went dim, a loud blast followed then the sky was immediately covered in smoke,” said Ephraim Mugambi who was amongst the first villagers to arrive at the scene.

The plane smouldered sending thick smoke into the air and in houses chocking rescuers who were not deterred from rescuing survivors.

The white bodied plane with blue stripped wings was reduced to wreckage, which turned out to be a gem to the youth who fought over the debris.

Though the destination of the plane and exact cause of the crash could not be established immediately, occupants of the flat the craft crashed into said the impact of the crash shattered the windows sending everyone into profound shock.

Rogers Aura, an area resident witnessed what he believes was a five minute incident. He helped ferry the survivors to a nearby vehicle, which took them to hospital.

“One passenger was badly burnt with a deep cut in the head and was in pain, while the other two had chest pains and burns on most of the lower part of the body,” said Aura while pointing at a pair of jeans lying on the ground that was partially burned and is believed to have been worn by one of the passengers.

The three injuries were rushed to hospital as the police secured the area to prevent the public from tampering with the scene before any investigations had been done.