How Ugandan women stole the literary torch from Kenyan writers

Muthoni Garland Photo/ FAITH NJUGUNA

What you need to know:

  • Ugandan women writers have especially been prolific, capturing the pain their nation has undergone at the hands of semi-literate demagogues who came to power on the platform of giving succour to the poor.
  • The eloquent lawyers and intellectuals shouting themselves hoarse about the legitimacy of people they know should not even be allowed to use a public toilet, let alone run for office, will be the first to be cannibalised when the aspirants come into office.
  • Although Ugandan male poets such as Richard Ntiru, Timothy Wangusa, and Austin Bukenya are better known in Kenya, Ugandan Susan Kiguli is probably the best poet from the region.
  • The future does not belong to the parochial nationalist or the tribalist who votes for his fellow tribesman and certified suspects.

As Kenyans appear hell-bent on voting in their popular street thugs and all manner of criminals and suspects in March, a few lessons from writers from our neighbouring countries would be in order.


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