DJ Fatxo cleared in Jeff Mwathi mysterious death

Jeff Mwathi

Jeff Mwathi (left) who allegedly died outside Kikuyu entertainer DJ Fatxo's (right) house in Nairobi. Inset is Mwathi's burial in Nakuru.

Photo credit: File I Nation Media Group

Nairobi lawyer Dancun Okach says the ODPP has recommended an inquest into the death of Jeff Mwathi, who was found dead in DJ Fatxo's Kasarani apartment.

In a press statement issued to the press on Wednesday, Okach said the DPP had recommended that the matter be taken to an inquest.

"We are acting for Mr Lawrence Njuguna popularly known as DJ Fatxo, our client has been at the centre of extensive and thorough investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations since the unfortunate death of his friend Mr Jeff Mwathi," Okach said in the letter.

Okach said he was happy that the truthful position that he has always held and maintained regarding his client's innocence has finally come out.

He said the DJ is very grateful to the DCI and the DPP for demonstrating high standards of professionalism, independence and focus in the face of clearly orchestrated public and social media machinations to obfuscate the truth and propagate highly damaging, outright defamatory lies and versions with the sole aim of smearing and damaging our client and his reputation with consequent severe adverse consequences.

"We are pleased to say that we now know that the Director of Public Prosecutions has indeed looked into the matter and has agreed with the findings and recommendations of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, namely that there is not a single shred or iota of evidence to suggest any remote criminal culpability or suspicion on the part of our client.

In fact, it is very clear that our client was not even in his house at the material time when his friend Jeff Mwathi met his death," he said.

Nonetheless, our client, who is a practising Christian, has made a conscious decision to forgive all those who have propagated such narratives and he only hopes that through his ordeal, those who have been led to believe such narratives or who have in one way or another become part of the social mob justice, cyber bullying and Kenyans in general have learnt a thing or two.

The fact is that it has not been easy for our client and were it not for his special relationship with God, the support of his parents, friends and many fans who have continued to call, send messages and show solidarity in one way or another, he may not even have been able to experience and comprehend this moment of vindication.

The lawyer said that Fatxo will now go back to his normal life and do what he does best, which is make people shake their legs, and he hopes that this challenge, which has been overcome, will have a positive effect on any person who might feel judged before their side of the story has been heard.