How I became an ‘African woman writer’

Author Austin Bukenya who will be one of the contributors to and associate editors of the Eastern African region volume of Women Writing Africa, published by the Feminist Press of New York. In fact, he wrote the preface to it. PHOTO/FILE

What you need to know:

  • You might be wondering how and why a supposedly educated modern man in his forties, as I was then, should need “education” in gender matters. It is difficult to explain.
  • I still remember the vulgar names Wangari Maathai was called, in very high places, for daring to speak out against environmental delinquency. And that was already in the 1990s!
  • Why, in law, for example, should the pronoun “he” stand for both “men and women”? Why should the whole of humankind be monopolised by terms like “man” or “mankind”? And is it only “manpower” that we need to execute a task?

It’s not every day that a man becomes a woman writer. So, I never tire of boasting of the process that made me, and keeps me, such a phenomenal woman writer.


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